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What We Do

With over 60 years of industry experience, we are your single point of contact for bridging advanced solutions between real estate, business and technology.

Technology Management

We are the technology manager for the some of the nation’s premier office building owners, helping property managers and landlords achieve their objectives by focusing on three core considerations:

  1. Mitigate risk for the building owner – providing daily management functions of the telecom infrastructure and spaces. Develop policies and procedures to protect Owner’s liability with respect to code, compliance, and capacity.
  2. Create a building amenity – superior service, service provider diversity, and a single point of contact.
  3. Increase asset value – leveraging technology as a competitive advantage to attract and retain tenants as well as reduce operating expenses and improve Net Operating Income.

Our comprehensive Technology Management program includes: Riser Management, Infrastructure Auditing, Rooftop Management, Strategic Planning, and our Service Center.

Intelligent Riser – Smart Building Platform

Providing enterprise-class security and 24x7x365 monitoring of your base building systems. Total security, connectivity, and control.


Today, over 35,000 BMS systems are wide open to hackers. Intelligent Riser solves this problem with a secure, monitored network for your base building systems.


Intelligent Riser is installed in hundreds of premier office buildings in top US markets. Don’t “experiment” with unproven products or solutions.


Intelligent Riser provides the common infrastructure for your future expansions and upgrades.

  • Once building systems are connected, they communicate with each other for advanced functionality (example: connecting lighting and BMS systems)
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors and maintains everything, giving you access to technical and network support when you need it.

Riser Management

We are your single point of contact for the ongoing management and maintenance of all aspects of the vertical riser system and related spaces. Generally, this system extends from the main telephone room (MPOE) to the riser closets on each floor.

Riser management program highlights:

  1. Control access to all riser spaces
  2. Experienced technicians with a full complement of testing tools
  3. 24x7x365 Service Center for all Tenant and Service Provider inquiries
  4. Maintain database of building infrastructure and pathways
  5. Riser audit – condition reporting, maintenance, and documentation

Our service begins at the carrier entry point into your building–also known as the Network Point of Presence (NETPOP) or Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE)–and continues to a demarcation point (DEMARC) within the tenant space. We are responsible for maintaining the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and the entire riser infrastructure in your building.

Infrastructure Audits

We perform a building-wide audit of the telecommunications capabilities of the asset. On a go-forward basis, we continually update the information so we can address potential problems and quickly offer solutions as the demands of owners and tenants change.

Our audit services include the following:

  1. A complete Web-based inventory of the Riser System, documenting all telecommunications closets and pathways. Our Web-based inventory system fosters better, more efficient information retrieval for our clients.
  2. Identification of deficiencies or problems in the riser and create an action plan to correct any deficiencies or problems (e.g., capacity issues, abandoned infrastructure).
  3. Providing building audits for landlords during the due diligence process.

Rooftop Management

Our rooftop management program includes both proactive brokerage services and active daily management. Our innovative approach produces revenue and increases the Telecom services to both the Building and the Tenants.

Core Rooftop offerings:

  1. Increase revenue by identifying new sources of revenue, marketing the opportunity and closing deals.
  2. Evaluate current agreements to provide expert opinion on Fair Market Value and standard terms and compliance.
  3. Comprehensive management for all rooftop issues. Single point of contact to handle rooftop access requests, agreements, rooftop surveys, and administer accounting.

Strategic Planning – Increasing Asset Value

As new technologies such as Wireless, Ethernet, VPN, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Software as a Services (SAAS), In-Building Cellular (DAS), and others emerge they each place new demands on the Building. Our goal is to recommend and leverage technology to optimize asset valuation and serve as an Owner’s Representative to navigate through these issues.

Our proprietary Technology Index and “Technology Snapshot” are frequently utilized by leasing personnel to convey the technology capabilities of the building to current and prospective tenants.

Service Center

One of the key components of our Technology Management program is our tenant-centric provisioning platform. This platform provides tenants with the option to make one phone call to solve a multitude of technology issues.

Montgomery Technologies does not sell directly, but rather has developed a select group of value-added providers that can offer tenants a wide variety of products and services including: voice & data solutions, telecom business services, structured cabling, move coordination and networking solutions.

This “One-Call” approach has been widely appreciated by tenants who often are looking for some external assistance to supplement their own resources. Property managers have embraced the “One-Call” platform as a way to differentiate their asset from the competition.

Manage Your Assets With Confidence

Contact Montgomery Technologies to secure your base building network and technology infrastructure, and grow your property asset's value.