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Our comprehensive services include Technology Management, Riser Management, Infrastructure Audits, Rooftop Management, Strategic Planning, and our Service Center. These services address the undeniable fact that voice and data usage is rising dramatically and tenants are increasingly reliant on secure, cost-effective access to public networks to operate their enterprises.

Tech Management

Montgomery Technologies is the technology manager for the some of the nation’s premier office building owners. Montgomery Technologies strives to help property managers and landlords achieve their objectives by focusing on three core considerations.

Riser Management

Montgomery Technologies is the single point of contact for the daily management and maintenance of all aspects of the vertical copper riser system and related spaces. Generally this system extends from the main telephone room to the telephone closets on each floor.

Strategic Planning

Montgomery Technologies strives to ensure that the asset is positioned to meet the evolving requirements of the tenants. We believe that building owners can increase asset value by developing a strategic telecom plan for each building that addresses specific real estate and technology needs.

Infrastructure Audits

We perform a building-wide audit of the telecommunications capabilities of the asset. On a go-forward basis, we continually update the information so we can address potential problems and quickly offer solutions as the demands of owners and tenants change.

Rooftop Management

Our rooftop management program includes both active daily management and proactive brokerage services. Our innovative approach produces revenue and increases the Telecom services to both the Building and the Tenants.

Technology Help Desk

One of the key components of our Technology Management program is our tenant-centric provisioning platform. This platform provides tenants with the option to make one phone call to solve a multitude of technology issues.

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