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West Region

With our corporate headquarters in San Francisco, the Bay Area has long been the center of our operational base.  With the strength of the technology community here, we have been on the front lines of the explosion of the Internet and the impact that telecom has had on commercial office buildings.

Our building footprint in the Bay Area is extensive and diverse.  We have the good pleasure of supporting many marque Class A office buildings in the San Francisco and Oakland markets.  In addition, weíre fortunate to work with a large base of suburban office with a footprint extending South to San Jose, North to Santa Rosa, and East through San Ramon and Pleasanton.

On the consulting side of the equation, we are routinely called upon by building owners, leasing agents, and corporate tenants to provide solutions that support their tenancy.  For the service providers, we’ve had the privilege of support several of the largest fiber and Metro-Ethernet roll-outs in the nation and have been supportive at all levels: strategic, operational, and procedurally.

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