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Montgomery Technologies has rolled out the Intelligent Riser solution at 1455 Market to support a wide variety of base building systems.   As is common in larger commercial office buildings, there are a multitude of stand-alone systems in the building that support the BMS, Energy Metering, Overhead paging, Lobby Directory, Parking,  Elevators, and common Area Wireless.   As these systems have evolved and become more web-enabled,   they have been serviced with standóalone DSL lines and an unmanaged system of routers, hubs, and daisy-chained cabling solutions.

This building has also experienced a dramatic change in tenancy from single tenant/triple net to full multi-tenant with the building owner assuming control over all building systems.  In this context, the deployment of a full managed Intelligent Riserô has been extremely helpful in providing enhanced security, scalable distribution, and a single point of contact to manage connectivity.

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